De Rossi: I want to coach Roma, even if it takes me 20 years to get the job


Daniele De Rossi may have hung up his boots, but he is ready to launch a coaching career he hopes will eventually lead to the Roma job.
FotMob - over 1 year ago

Daniele De Rossi has revealed his ambition to become coach of Roma - even if it takes him 20 years to land the job.

The former Giallorossi captain made 616 playing appearances for the club before enjoying a short spell at Boca Juniors at the end of his career.

Now 36, and freshly retired as a player, De Rossi is not ready to leave football behind and believes he can carry his on-pitch leadership qualities into the coaching game.

But De Rossi stressed he would have to prove he has the attributes of a leading boss before taking on a challenge at the top level.

Speaking to Sky Sport Italia, De Rossi said he hoped to visit coaches such as Manchester City's Pep Guardiola to learn from their expertise.

"I followed a path that is not unique but is rare. Playing 20 years for one team doesn't happen every day. That can't happen if I become a coach, especially at Roma," De Rossi said.

"One day I would like to coach Roma, but first I have to become a coach.

"As well as the courses, there is a development path that all young coaches need. In a few days I went from being an old footballer to a young coach, so I start by seeing things with tranquillity and calm.

"I am not in a hurry to make it happen tomorrow: it could happen in five, 10 or 20 years.

"But it will happen only because I will have become good, not because I was an important player for this team. I have always been recognised as a leader, so maybe I will take advantage of this, but the coach is much more than this."

De Rossi, a 2006 World Cup winner with Italy, is aware he must accrue expertise that will only come through discussions with, and observation of, elite coaches.

"I will go to see a thousand coaches, because I need it," he said.

"A child on his feet cannot see how an elderly man is sitting. I am a child right now.

"They will be professional trips but also fun because I really like this world."