Coronavirus: LaLiga to stop attending RFEF COVID-19 meetings


While it will maintain contact, LaLiga will no longer attend the RFEF's coronavirus meetings.
FotMob - over 1 year ago

LaLiga has decided it will not return to the Royal Spanish Football Federation's coronavirus meetings.

The division has been suspended since last month due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has killed more than 119,000 people worldwide and more than 17,700 in Spain.

As clubs reportedly plan to return to training, LaLiga announced it would no longer attend the RFEF's coronavirus meetings.

The rift between RFEF, LaLiga and the Spanish Footballers' Union (AFE) opened up after the former leaked audio from their previous meeting.

LaLiga also announced its intention to take a complaint over the matter to the National Sports Council (CSD) and the Spanish Data Protection Agency.

"It has been agreed that [LaLiga] will not attend the next meetings called by the RFEF's COVID-19 Monitoring Commission, after analysing what has happened regarding the biased leak of audios of the said commission to the media," a LaLiga statement read on Monday.

"Contact will be maintained with the RFEF through the Monitoring Commission which was formed as part of the Coordination Agreement signed on July 3, 2019 between LaLiga and the RFEF.

"In view of such events, LaLiga will adopt the appropriate legal measures, including the filing of a complaint before the National Sports Council (CSD) against the president and the secretary of the RFEF for the violation of authority and carrying out acts that threaten the dignity and decency of the sport, such as a complaint by the affected people before the Spanish Data Protection Agency for violation of various provisions of the General Data Protection Regulation.

"The Action Protocol has been studied, reviewed and approved for the return to training for LaLiga teams. This protocol will be informed and explained to all the clubs and private limited companies affiliated with LaLiga in the next division meetings that will be held next Thursday, and will be made available to the National Sports Council and the relevant health authorities.

"It has been reiterated within the Delegate Commission that any decision regarding the return to competition will be subject to the provisions of the health authorities."