Davies warns against winding up Alli


Ben Davies says any attempts from Wales to wind up England's Dele Alli could result in them having to pick the ball out of their own net.
FotMob - over 5 years ago

Wales and Tottenham defender Ben Davies has warned his international team-mates about getting stuck into his club colleague Dele Alli during Thursday's clash with England.

The match promises to be a heated affair, but while Davies is prepared to tell coach Chris Coleman what presses the midfielder's buttons, he warned that any advantage Wales try to create by winding up Alli - whose indiscipline got him into trouble numerous times during the season - could only inspire the brilliant 20-year-old to score one of his trademark screamers.

"If he asks me, then I will speak," Davies said, via The Mirror.

"With what Dele has done this season people are going to be looking at him now, not just for the quality of his football but will scrutinise his behaviour as well.

"He's one those players who you could wind up and he’ll stick the ball in the top corner against you, so it's not always wise."

Davies added that while Alli's fighting spirit can be a hindrance, it is what helps to make him such a special talent, saying: "I f he didn't have that fight in him then he probably wouldn't be doing what he's doing at 19 years of age."

In addition to Alli, Davies could also be facing Tottenham team-mates Harry Kane, Kyle Walker, Eric Dier and Danny Rose.

"We are quite a young squad at Spurs and we all mingle and get on well with each other," he said.